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YouTube Soul Orgy

voila pourquoi j'adore YouTube :

12 trésors pour vous vous évitez de chercher :

Smokey Robinson - "The Tears Of A Clown"
Sam & Dave - "Soothe Me"
Barbara Lynn - "You'll Loose A Good Thing"
Ray Charles - "Ring of Fire"
Al Green - "Take Me To The River"
Marva Whitney - "Your Love Was Good For Me"
Marvin Gaye - "What's Going On ?" (Live)
Sly&Family Stone - "My Lady (rehearsal)"
Archie Bells&The Drells - "Tighten Up"
Otis Redding & The Bar-kays - "Try a Little Tenderness"
Roger Martin - "They Say"
Aretha & Carolyn Franklin - "Ain't No Way"
Curtis Mayfield - "We Got to Have Peace"

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